Monday, May 09, 2005

Get the Anti Defamation League on the phone

It’s not safe to read the news anymore. Here I am, whimsically perusing the Christian Science Monitor report on dueling versions of the Sgrena shooting, and bam! I’m assaulted.
“The car's speed is a key point of disagreement. Both countries agree that the Toyota Corolla carrying Ms. Sgrena, Mr. Calipari, and an Italian driver was traveling south on a road the US military calls "Route Vernon." It reached a US checkpoint stopping traffic feeding onto "Route Irish," the notoriously dangerous highway to Baghdad International Airport.”

I think we all know the protocol of the Geneva Convention here. I’m allowed to mock the Irish. You’re allowed to disparage the Irish. The U.S. military? Hell no. My dander is up. The acrimony flood gates are wide open. This means war.

But then I get comic relief from the most unexpected source. Oh, those good-for-nothing skunks at the Fed, they always find a way to crack me up.

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