Monday, May 09, 2005

I've mulled it over and...

If it’s good enough for Kansas to revisit that kangaroo court of a show trial known as the Scopes Monkey Trial, then I might as well take an evolutionary stab at it.

Did you catch that collective sigh of relief emanating from Tennessee? Those Kansasian boobs, those leading lights of Western Hemisphere, are going to tackle the ideological issue of our time.

Wait, this just in – it is not The Ideological Issue of our time. It was The Ideological Issue in 1925.

Let’s just skip the Kansas trial, because those Intelligent Design guys will sweep the floor with the Evolutionary hacks. Every skip in the fossil record? Ha! Take that, neo-Darwinist.

Seriously, it’s the truth so just sit down and shut up.

Just an aside, but won’t the Creationists have a problem with the U.S dumping depleted uranium all over the Garden of Eden (aka Iraq)?

Oh, and yeah – God did do it in 6 days of morning and evening, and so what if He didn’t get around to creating the sun until Day 4. He’s God, He doesn’t need a sun to make morning and evening. Rebut that. (And don’t pay any attention to the OTHER creation story in Genesis.)

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