Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Protocols of the Elder Nitwits of PNAC

When that student pilot played chicken with the Air Force on Wednesday, May 11 2005, the protocols developed after 9/11 kicked in.

The Supremes were rushed to the basement; the First Lady whisked off to a secure location; workers in the Beltway were instructed to hit the streets and run for their lives. One of my favorite moments was when the White House press corps started leaving, the Secret Service halted them and instructed them to remain, then a little while later told them to get out. That was as detailed as the Secret Service was going to get.

Now we find out the Pres wasn't even notified about the hijinks until 36 minutes after it was over. In the bylaws of the protocols (Scott McClelland used "protocols" 34 times in Thursday's briefing), the Pres is not to be disturbed if he's tooling around on his mountain bike.

Don't we all feel a little better knowing that his handlers don't let him near the controls?

P.S. For more about "them," check this.

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