Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Keep your eye on the headlines

And what they are not telling you. NY District Attorney Eliot Spitzer and Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau have separate investigations that look like they are starting to converge. And the convergence point is the Bush Family. This is a great story - the story that you would think newspapers would be salivating over in their sleep. Laundered money, stolen elections, drugs, extortion, blackmail.

Do a search on Robert Morgenthau and you'll get some biographies. Not a peep on his current investigation that just recently overlapped with Ohio's public employee's pension fund and the missing rare coins they invested in. The Toledo Blade is all over that one, which has ties to Ohio Secretary of State Blackwell and the Bushes.

You remember Blackwell - same guy who pulled all that funny business with voter registrations on the wrong paper stock, inadequate equipment in Democratic districts, etc? He clearly studied Katherine Harris/Florida 2000.

America Blog has been all over the Ohio Coin Gate story from day one.

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