Wednesday, June 08, 2005

We've Impeached For Less

How gutless is this country? Congress' approval ratings are a record lows, and that's saying a lot for that craven body. Here's the part that hurts: as our representatives they are doing a bang-up job representing our interests. Americans don't want to know anything that makes us look bad. Americans don't want to think too hard about multi-layered issues. We sure as hell don't want to get caught stepping out of line with the (perceived) mainstream that they think supports the Bush Administration.

The British government sprung a leak, and the Downing Street Memo admits that "yep, we're fixing facts and intelligence" and it's getting fixed around the idea to send Iraq back to the Stone Age. Too bad they didn't foresee that Iraq would take us along with them.

Dante and his spiritual editor are adding another circle to the Inferno, last heard in a Fallujah theme, just for the Americans and British. With no toilets.

Substitute "oil dependence" for "lebensraum" and we're the Germany of our day. Maybe Saddam saw how Neville Chamberlain's action played in the history books and decided to go down fighting. Cripes, we've managed to elevate Saddam.

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