Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why do they let him talk?

It's safe to come out now. The toxic stink from Bush's speech (warbling?, musings?, recitation?) has largely dissipated, driven east towards Europe and the Middle East.

It must be some kind of divine justice that the media who aide and abet Team Bush every step of the way, had to suck the ratings pipe. Nothing says toxic like George Bush trying to rally the nation. He was so toxic that the viewers who were driven off by the speech stayed driven off, lurking in the shadows of cable.

As for the live studio audience, it has been charitably described that their failure to applaud is due to White House instructions. Sure. The revisionist White House certainly concurs with that account. Which leaves you wondering - that was their intention? Give a pep rally speech in front of troops but forbid the troops to act like they're at a pep rally? Which was probably easy for them to do, since they're headed to Iraq.

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