Wednesday, July 13, 2005

And home field advantage is secured for the American League

Alright, the first complaint out of the box is that television announcers, and Tim McCarver and Joe Buck in particular, blow at calling a game for those of you "scoring at home." I, for one, was scoring at home. Did you ever try keeping score of a game when you know the pitchers are changing every inning, that every position player is going to be replaced at least once, and bench players aren't necessarily going to play their regular position?

Well, I did. I had to rely on's Gameday to keep up with the lineup. And the Internet runs about 2 batters behind.

Second complaint - is it imperative that we see Terry Francona and Tony La Russa while they're being interviewed? Can't we watch the game and hear them at the same time? And while I'm on this rant - why wouldn't you interview the managers when their teams are on offense? We've got the managers trying to keep up with what's happening on the pitching mound while fielding inane questions.

I'll make this my last rant - 4 Boston Red Sox starters? I know the fans voted them in, but come on.

F National League 5
American League 7
WP M. Buehrle (CHW)
LP J. Smoltz (ATL)

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