Sunday, July 17, 2005

And that's how you start the second half

The bullpen scared the bejesus out of us as the White Sox took the 3rd game of the 4 game series against Cleveland today (16 July 2006). Along the way, we learned that Ed Farmer played as "official catcher" for 2 years at 79th and Mozert (Chicago) in his formative years.

Buehrle (now 11-3) exited at the end of the 7th, leading 7-2. The bullpen made the game a litttle more interesting, closing it to 7-5 before Marte wrapped things up. Whew.

So if you're Kenny Williams, what would you be trading for before the July 31st deadline?
Up until yesterday, I'd say starting pitching. Sure, it's safe and no one can have enough starting pitching. But now that we know that Crede has 2 (not 1 but 2!) herniated discs in his back, I'm thinking we need a 3rd baseman.

The important numbers:

7 White Sox
5 Indians
Winning Pitcher: Mark Buehlre (11-3)
Save: Damaso Marte (3)
Losing Pitcher: Eric Westbrook ( 6-12)
[Ed. note: Look into what it takes to get a HOLD for a game.]

On the way this morning to get the desperately needed oil change for Sid the Cavalier (he's at 99,000 miles) I heard that tickets are going fast for the White Sox on their remaining home series on WMVP-AM (1000). Sure, I heard this on the Sox pre-game show, and their job is to tout tickets, but I figured: what the hell, I'm on the Dan Ryan anyway, might as well swing north and pick up some tickets for a few Sox games.

Got off at 35th Street and to find a bunch of people parked with hazard lights flashing, getting tickets. Grabbed my keys and wallet and got in line. I also check out the calendar, figuring out what games to shoot for: Monday, August 15 against Minnesota; September 19 against Cleveland. I get tickets to Monday's game (7/18) and the other 2 Monday games. Find out - from eavesdropping on the people ahead of me - that the Detroit series and the Boston series (this week) are almost sold out.

I ask for best seats available, despairing that the only seats available will be upper deck (a la Wrigley Field, damn!) and much to my surprise there are seats available in section 136. That's right behind home plate looking down the 1st base line. And exempt from the "Monday half-price" rules. So I got to pay full price. Whoop-ee. They better beat the Tigers & Magglio Ordonez.

One last statistic:
(1st team to reach 60 wins this season)

Chicago 60 29 .674 - 30-15 30-14 9-4 29-5 10-14 12-6 6-4 W3
Minnesota 49 40 .551 11.0 27-20 22-20 13-5 21-17 7-8 8-10 4-6 W1
Cleveland 47 44 .516 14.0 21-22 26-22 8-9 15-24 9-8 15-3 2-8 L4
Detroit 44 45 .494 16.0 21-23 23-22 12-13 16-18 7-5 9-9 7-3 W2
Kansas City 31 59 .344 29.5 19-27 12-32 8-8 9-26 5-16 9-9 5-5 L2

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