Thursday, July 21, 2005

Didn't get the bounce you wanted? Try it again.

[Updated, 7/21/05 12:49pm CT] This just in from MSNBC: three (3) train explosions and 1 bus bombing, going off simultaneously. A replica of 7/7. Hmph.

Two weeks after the London Bombings, Londoners get treated to it again. No fatalities at the time of this writing, but the London Underground was shut down. From what I can make out of the BBC Radio reports, there were at least 2 attempted detonations in the trains, and 1 on a bus. But either the bombs were not designed for the same carnage as the ones on 7/7/05, or they all failed.

I think we can disregard the possibility that they all failed.

Polls from last week showed that Blair and Bush did not get a bounce in their numbers from the London Bombings. Polling Report shows for the week of 7/13-7/17 that Bush's disapproval numbers were at 48%. His approval numbers were at 44%.

I say cynical, you might say paranoid, but after London took 2 hits it sure looks like the next up is an American city. I checked and there's no Vegas line - at least, not that they're admitting.

On the lighter side of things, Condoleezza Rice is in Darfur (Sudan), and she thinks things are getting better. That's in spite of the fact the Washington D.C. has to call the Darfur situation ''genocide." But she's got the panacea - open markets.

From the BBC: "Ms. Rice said aid could help development but was not sufficient on its own, and that open markets would create wealth." I don't understand - U.S. companies do so much better when there aren't open markets. Can anyone say Halliburton and no-bid Iraq contracts?

It would be a magnificent gesture on the United States part if we offered up Rice as a sacrifice and then the survivors of Darfur could eat her. Just a thought.

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