Saturday, July 02, 2005

First, we have to kill all the Oakland A's

Why is it so much easier to decode the odds on football and the ponies than baseball?

Alright, the Sox (read Jose Contreras) fell to Oakland, in Oakland. They're at 53-25, 9.5 up on the Twins. We've got a couple more series before the All-Star break, both back in Chicago. Garland is pitching tonight, against Saarloos (4-4, RHP). Looking at the bullpen stats for the A's over the last 3 games means that the Sox have to beat the $&#@( out of Saarloos right away to A) get some runs, and B) force the bullpen to come in early and tire them out. The rest of the AL West will thank us too.

Why the talk about trading Crede? Are they paying attention to Contreras' downhill slide? As a matter of fact, Hernandez and Garcia scare the bejesus out of me when they take the mound too, but Contreras is the scariest. The Sox bulk up the starting rotation and Crede at the hot corner will take care of the rest.

Sports Illustrated can't seem to mention the White Sox without dragging the stupid Cubs along. And Cannell is predicting the Cubs will get the wild card. Really? Is it just that the view from the South Side of Chicago shows the Cubs for what they are - nothing? Even if they had talent on the team, Dusty Baker is the manager who will shephard them to a wild card finish?

And finally, on attendance. We admit it - the White Sox have a smaller fan base. The Cubs draw the drunken mob demographic and we draw the baseball fans. We cede the point - the drunken mob is bigger.

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