Thursday, July 07, 2005

A little bit of Iraq was exported to London

I have been skipping in and out of different blogs and the comments on the London disaster today. The early comments were anxious to head off any "conspiracy theories." Don't even think about attributing this to the machinations of a MI5 or CIA. Sheesh. We know it's the Iraq Group, the Neocon cabal inside the White House. Well, those were the early posts. Then came the rebuttals - in a nutshell, this is not the time to toe the party line.

Think about it this way: the perpetrators elude the UK's multitude of security forces, pull off this massive attack, and immediately Blair & the boys know who did it and why they did it? (The same reasoning can be applied to 9/11 and Madrid's 3/11.) And once they've made their statements, they're done. No need to offer proof.

Based on the very sketchy reports from the local sports radio station, my first thoughts were that these attacks sounded like they were pulled off with military precision. My second thought was surprise at the low fatality count - 3* in that first report. That sounds like a message is being sent.
(*At last report, the deaths stood at 37, and over 700 injured.)

London was not prepared for this. Conflicting reports on casualty numbers, number of bombs, where the attacks happened. It's still getting straightened out. Reporters on the scene were stating that bobbies were preventing them from interviewing people. And London has 4.5 million CC cameras. They haven't found anything in that footage yet? Because if not one of those cameras caught a single incriminating action, then scrap them all. Obviously they don't work. The London Underground is closed and will remain so until tomorrow (Friday, July 8 2005).

So the early comments said that Bush, Blair & Co. couldn't be behind this because there's no upside. Of course there's upside - they could dispense with the charade of dealing with Congress/Parliament and by executive order (aka fiat) implement all the things the populace doesn't want. What's that, you ask? National ID cards, keeping the troops in Iraq, squashing the Downing Street Memos, Karl Rove's loose lips, The Patriot Act II, Bolton, supplemental spending bills, the July 11 2005 deadline for Rumsfeld to file a report on the Iraq War.

Reputable sources tell me that Rumsfeld checked recently to see if there was a minimum word/page requirement. He was all set to go with the larger font and double spacing.

It starts off something like this:
The Iraq War is going well. The death throes of the insurgency could last up to 12 years, but probably not. In spite of all the liberal press singing our praises and saying what a swell job we're doing over there, I'm here to tell you that the liberal press lies and that we are in fact doing a swell job and everything is going great. Anyone who says otherwise is a traitor who hates freedom. To question any funding requests for the Iraq War is a traitor who hates freedom. And if you're a Democratic, you're already in the hole and have a lot of work to do just to hang onto your citizenship status.

And finally, terrorists are nothing but slack-jawed rats, and all rats have to suck the pipe.
Signed, Donald Rumsfeld

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JulieD said...

Sugar, nailing it on the head is what you do best.

I was surprised earlier when I found myself not disagreeing with the notion that the neo-cons were somehow behind today's bombings. Chump change for a lower level CIA team, when you think about it.

And then the local NBC tv affiliate called me with a poll that made me further ponder the Machiavellian tendencies at work here. The ten-or-so question poll with questions like "Who is winning the war on terror? The U.S.? Or the Terrorists?” or “How likely do you think the U.S. will be hit by a terrorist attack within the year?” made me gag. I bet even money on the White House Ovals BEING the terrorists.. that's one team that knows how to play hard.

Then there's Diane Sawyer on the news tonight asking Gov. Pataki "how can people get on NY public transportation with any degree of confidence tomorrow?" Watch out. The "W" bogeyman is "roveing" out to get you.

BTW, great letter from Rumsfeld! And a further BTW..... am I going to get picked up in the middle of the night and hauled off to Gitmo for writing such things about our gov't? One can only wonder. Roll tape... cue the emerging head of fascism.