Monday, July 25, 2005

This just in, from BTW* News

Scott McClellan, maybe just a question away from a total nervous collapse. We hope.

Courtesy of BTC News who identified the intrepid reporter who asked this stellar question at today's press conference:

Q Yes, thank you. There has been a lot of speculation concerning the meaning of the underlying statute and the grand jury investigation concerning Mr. Rove. The question is, have the legal counsel to the White House or White House staff reviewed the statute in sufficient specificity to determine whether a violation of that statute would, in effect, constitute treason?

MR. McCLELLAN: I think that in terms of decisions regarding the investigation, those are matters for those overseeing the investigation to decide.

Q is Paul Sanford, an attorney who has been accredited as a White House reporter for Air America Radio. (The comments are great on the BTC New's posting.)
And here I was, afraid that the White House press corps would either get distracted or tired. Instead, looks like they're kicking it up a gear. So let's say a prayer to St. Sezni, patron saint of mad dogs** and by extension, reporters.

*BTW^ News, our motto is: If we remember it, then it's a good day for us.
[Ed. note: Not sure about the grammar rules on sub-referencing a footnote, but BTW stands for "By The Way."]

**According to those who know at the Vatican, Sezni was first offered the patron of girls seeking husbands but turned it down. Said he'd never get any rest and would rather be the patron saint of mad dogs than women. The Vatican, never missing a chance to fill a tough slot, stuck him in there.

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