Sunday, August 07, 2005

Conrad Hotzendorf, I presume

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Washington is laboring under the conception that Iran is as restrained as Austrian Chief of Staff Conrad Hotzendorf was when he launched the Third Balkan War, also known as World War I.

That is, Hotzendorf saw his chance to crush that Serbian viper and wasn't going to let anything like an Austrian army incapable of finding Serbia, let alone defeating it.

Similarly, Washington sees its chance to crush that Iranian viper, and it's not going to let the fact that there's no good reason for an attack stop them.

The NY Times, ever the willing patsy, helps out with this article: Bombs Used In Iraq Are Made In Iran, U.S. Says.

In Paragraph 3 - But just as troubling is that the spread of the new weapons seems to suggest a new and unusual area of cooperation between Iranian Shiites and Iraqi Sunnis to drive American forces out - a possibility that the commanders said they could make little sense of given the increasing violence between the sects in Iraq.

I can't make much sense of it either.

In Paragraph 12 we get this:

"Iran's protégés are in control in Iraq right now, yet these weapons are going to people fighting Iran's protégés," said Kenneth Katzman, a Persian Gulf expert at the Congressional Research Service and a former Middle East analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency. "That makes little sense to me."

This story doesn't make any sense because the Bush Administration does a lousy job of framing enemies. Their stories are full of holes, but as long as they get away with it they'll keep working from the same playbook.

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