Thursday, August 04, 2005

Fun in Hi Skule

Looking for fun?

Do a search on The Christian Post for "Catholic." No, go ahead, I'll wait here and do the crossword puzzle.

Don' t look now, but between you and me, the rest of the Christians held a secret meeting, took a vote, and it doesn't look good for the Catholics.

What would Jesus do if he woke up Catholic? Well, for one thing, the Apostles would stop eating at the same table as him. The Holy Spirit would stop taking his calls - in any tongue. His Father would follow Alan Keyes stance and kick his Papist butt out.

Back to the true believers, the ones who read The Christian Post. There is some good stuff in that schizoid rag. One thought-provoking article asks "What is a Pentecostal?"
[Ed. note: I'll let that one pass by.]

But lest I give the impression of Christians looking down on Catholics only, let me hurriedly point out this gem: Baptist Blunders.

Sadly, upon further reading, it is about baptism, not Baptists. Bummer.

But be not afraid, for this site tends to all of your needs, including commercial. Why, for $84.95 (we'll grab your soul later), you can get the Psalm 23 bracelet.

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