Saturday, August 27, 2005

March of the Petty Tyrants

Republicans in Ohio
Ohio Gov. Bob Taft (R) aplogizes:
“I am here today to publicly apologize to the people of the state of Ohio for my failure to provide complete financial disclosure statements to the Ohio Ethics Commission as mandated by law. I accept total responsibility for my mistake, and I’m sorry."

Ohio is mired in all sorts of problems. The blossoming Coingate has the fingerprints of Bush supporters all over it.

Republicans in Kentucky
Kentucky Gov. Ernie Fletcher (R) going up before the grand jury.
My favorite development is the State House warning Fletcher if he pardons anyone already convicted or indicted they'll immediately begin impeachment proceedings.¤t=LetUsPrey.jpg¤t=LetUsPrey.jpg

One the things Attorney General Greg Stumbo's office dug up was a "hit-list" of state employees with the name "Chandler" written next to their names. U,S, Representative Ben Chandler ran against Fletcher for the governorship in 2003.

Republicans in Missouri
Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt (R) has his own ethics problems.
The Missouri Attorney General, Jay Nixon, is investigating the Governor and the Highway Commissioner, Mike Kehoe, on ethics charges. April 15, the day the ethics charges were filed, Blunt made his first amendment to his ethics reports.
July 15, Blunt made his second amendment to his ethics reports.
The Ethics Commission was not impressed. On July 25 they referred his case to the Attorney General.
August 23, Blunt amends his ethics reports for the third time.

Republicans in Illinois
Former Illinois Governor George Ryan (R) stands trial in September for racketeering.
Ryan did not run for reelection as federal prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald (of The Plame Investigation fame) started racking up scalps from both Springfield and Chicago.

[Ed. note: Speaking solely on Illinois, it is a one-party state, a Combine to borrow from Chicago Tribune John Kass. The Dems and Republicans act in concert on all things, especially the sleaze.]

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