Friday, August 19, 2005

Support the troops, until they want to go to school

Austin Community College denied in-state tuition to former Marine Carl Basham because he joined the Corps in Monroe, LA.

And ACC said members of the military are presumed to have the same residence as when they enlisted.

Why don't they go one step further and say their residence is Iraq (or Afghanistan, or Germany, or Okinawa - you get the point)?

After all, Basham completed two tours of Iraq. He lasted longer there than a lot of Iraqis. He shouldn't even get in-country tuition.

Straight from the horse's mouth:
"Any time that a student leaves the state of Texas, moves into another state, resides in that state, enters into the military in that new state, and claims that new state as their permanent home, then they loose [sic] their Texas residency," ACC spokesperson Veronica Obregon said.

Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson (retired Marine) announced that Basham qualifies for a waiver.

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