Saturday, August 13, 2005

Things you got to do to support the troops

Support the troops, bomb the Aussies.

U.S. Fighter Jet Bombs Australia Building

Friday August 12, 2005 10:01 PM

DARWIN, Australia (AP) - A U.S. Marine Corps fighter jet dropped a bomb and damaged a building in an accident at a remote military range in northern Australia, the government said Friday.

Support the troops, burn the negatives.

General: Abuse photos could cause riots Associated Press
NEW YORK - Releasing photographs and videotapes of detainee abuse at Iraq's Abu Ghraib prison would aid al-Qaida recruitment, weaken governments in Iraq and Afghani-stan and incite riots against U.S. troops, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff warned in court papers.

Support the troops, trash their mothers.

Cindy Sheehan returns entering stage right -- this time a left wing media whore in the form of a grieving mother.

[Ed. note: Remember to look both ways when crossing the street - you never know when those left wing media whores are going to get you.]

Support the troops, send them to Iran.
Bush raises option of using force against Iran
JERUSALEM (Reuters) - President Bush said on Israeli television he could consider using force as a last resort to press Iran to give up its nuclear programme.

[Ed. note: Just remember, the last time Bush said he would consider using force, he did.]

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