Wednesday, August 03, 2005

This just in

It makes a hell of story - Tom Flocco is reporting that sources say that Patrick Fitzgerald's investigation is far more widespread and deep than previously imagined.

I hipped a lot of my cohorts who also suspect this Administration of nothing but the basest motives to get their reactions. Then I check back to Tom Flocco for any updates and what do I get?


The web site has vanished into the ether.

Other sites reporting on it are still up and going, for now.

For all you Chicagoans out there, and you know who you are, be careful walking past the Dirksen Bldg. Whistle while you pass by, it might keep the boogie man at bay.

[Ed. note: By the way, Tom Flocco is reporting that the grand jury in Chicago handed down indictments of Bush, Cheney, Scooter Libby, Andrew Card, Ashcroft, Gonzales, Judith Miller, Mary Matalin for treason. He is also reporting that there was an aborted attempt to blow up the Dirksen Bldg by a bomb in Chicago's Red Line Subway. Personally speaking, that would have to be one hell of a bomb. Unless it were transported from the Red Line's Jackson station to the Blue Line's Jackson station, all underground and possibly passing underneath Dirksen. Hmm.]

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