Thursday, August 18, 2005

You touch that Wailing Wall and I'll give you something to cry about

Ha'aretz has good articles, and entertaining reader responses.

From Peace Sucks post #17:

-You can throw eyewitness accounts of the residents whom live next to settlers and even in the Kutz, of how they are spit on, beat on, and humiliated.
--They will tell you these are Arabs, they all lie.
-You can show them reports by the Red cross of the UN, documenting the murders committed by the settlers or how settlers steal from or destroy Arab crops.
--They will tell you this UN and Red Cross, Hates Jews or they are anti-Semitic.
-You can show them a video or pictures of how the Yahoud come in to an Arab village and start shooting in all directions terrorizing all the residents.
--They will tell you that they are obviously Vigilantes, looking for revenge.
-You can show them America and how different peoples even Jews and Palestinians can live in peace, when there is equality between them.
--They will tell you we are not Americans nor do we want anything from America; We are Unique,
-You can show them a hundred dead Arab children.
--They will tell you see how savage the Arabs are when they force us to kill their children

Chicago Tribune reports on those crummy maniacs:

Residents of Netzer Hazani set fire to homes, garbage and tires as columns of soldiers entered the settlement.

Not one red shekel for their godless syphilitic outreach program. How did Israel work it that the United States (read U.S. taxpayer) is on the hook for paying the moving costs? And if the settlers are destroying their own homes, should we be paying them anything at all? They're throwing acid on Israeli soldiers, for chrissakes. And we're reimbursing them? I'm trying to get Comcast to credit me one day's worth because my cable was out and it's like negotiating with Stalin at Yalta.

For the record, Israel requested $2.2 billion in additional aid.

Aid for Israeli settlers who set fire to their own property.

The Devil did some marketing job, convincing everyone that this is the Promised Land. Take a look at it - it's the most Godforsaken place on the planet.

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