Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ethiopia has to request aid first

From CNN:
ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia (AP) -- A pride of lions has killed and devoured 20 villagers, wounded 10 others and eaten at least 70 cattle in southern Ethiopia in the past week, police said Tuesday.

We now turn to the White House for their reaction.

Q: What was the President's reaction?
Scott McClellan:. . . President had his usual intelligence briefing. . . . following that, we'll be going to New Orleans.
Q: The lions are in Ethiopia.
SM: We urge people in the regions that could be impacted by the hurricane to follow the advice of local and state authorities.
Q: The problem is lions.
SM: I'll get it to you later. It's an OTR event for now.
Q: What does OTR mean-
SM: I think the State Department indicated as well yesterday, if they need some more time to reflect on it, the agreement, we'll give it to them, but everybody is operating off the agreement that was signed.
Q: Does that include the lions?
SM: . . . seniors have waited long enough for prescription drugs, particularly low-income seniors.
Q: Does the Administration plan to feed them to the lions?
SM: Yes. But you ought to check with FEMA.
Q: Is there any consideration of declaring . . . an incident of national significance and triggering the national response plan?
SM: I don't think so. Okay, that's all. Thank you.

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