Saturday, September 03, 2005

New planning reality: The Feds won't be there in an emergency

Strange how Bush & Co were johnny-on-spot and seemed to know exactly how to handle the 9/11 disaster. Even FEMA had their act together that day. Now they're scurrying and trying to claim that A) this disaster couldn't possibly be anticipated (although they used that very same excuse for 9/11, and it was just as big a lie then as it is now); and B) they're doing a fine job.

Too bad no one's buying that line of [censored].

From the Chicago Tribune:
"Frustrated by the federal government's response to the crisis in New Orleans, Baltimore Mayor Martin O'Malley and the leaders of at least several other big cities are taking it upon themselves to bypass bureaucratic hurdles and directly assist victims of Hurricane Katrina."
Wait - there's more:
"O'Malley said yesterday that city officials will also need to rethink their emergency plans, assuming a slower response time from the National Guard and other federal agencies. 'Having the National Guard here in 48 hours is not a planning reality any more,' said O'Malley, a homeland security expert for the U.S. Conference of Mayors. 'We make a new assumption now that they won't be here from seven to 10 days.'"

[Ed. note: For those of you keeping score at home, Bush & Co have lost the mayors.]

The Washington Post reports on the airlines:
"The nation's airlines, temporarily unable to provide commercial service to hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, have been putting aside their own financial troubles to fly in supplies and bring out refugees from devastated areas. Relief flights arrived at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport at a rate of about four an hour Friday."

Even better, Delta kicked off the relief flights with Delta executives piloting a plane full of supplies to New Orleans, saw the plight of the people, and ferried 140 people back to Atlanta.

[Ed. note: Still keeping score? Even companies in bankruptcy, that are even more susceptible to rises in fuel prices, can respond immediately to a national disaster. Maybe we can get the airlines to spare a few minutes to explain to Bush & Co how to handle a crisis.]

South Africa's News24 reports on aid pledged by countries around the world:
"Offers streamed in after the United States, the world's biggest single aid donor, said it would be open to assistance though it was not making an appeal for foreign aid."

[Ed. note: Still keeping score? Check off "still got our pride!" God, our Administration is pathetic.]

Chicago, along with so many other cities and states is arranging help. The City of Chicago has offered to send emergency workers and equipment, but FEMA says they only need 1 tank truck. The Chicago Public Schools are waiving residency requirements.

[Ed. Note: Can someone stick FEMA on a shelf, out of the way, until the New Orleans Tragedy is taken care of?]

And by the way, if you think things are now hunky-dory, try this Reuters story filed 3 September 2005, 20:21:44 GMT:
"We found a young girl raped and killed in the [Superdome] bathroom," one National Guard soldier told Reuters. "Then the crowd got the man and they beat him to death."

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