Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Say God, it's a little soon for a make-up quiz

Category 5 hurricane Rita is bearing down on the Texas coast. The Governor of Texas has asked you to declare that part of Texas a federal disaster area. What do you do?
A. How close is Crawford to the coast?
B. Does anyone know Chertoff's extension?
C. There is no freaking way God would do this to me again.

Rita's pressure has dramatically dropped to 898 millibars. What does this mean?
A. It's a line from the Beatles "Lovely Rita."
B. That's the drink special in Galveston on Wednesdays.
C. Just so I'm on the same page, 1 millibar = 0.75 torr = 100 Pa, right?

The Weather Service has just told you that it is very difficult for a hurricane to maintain a Category 5 status for a lengthy period of time.
A. You note that it is true - they tend to slacken remarkably once they make landfall and destroy everything in their path.
B. Reply that near-perfect weather conditions are necessary to create a Category 5 in the first place, and well - here we are.
C. Notice that the Weather Service guys are wearing galoshes and have boxes of bottled water.

Your chief of staff alerts you that Philippe has weakened to a Tropical Storm.
A. Philippe? Really? Who names these things?
B. You walk him over to the stairway, then push him down it.
C. Sarcastically ask about all the other hurricanes out there.

If you picked C, bad move. On the other side of the landmass, there is Hurricane Jova in the eastern Pacific, Tropical Storm Kenneth (what's the frequency?), and Tropical Storm Max. [Above, photo of Tropical Storm Max gathering strength.]

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JulieD said...

Max in action ..... a terrifying and awe-inspiring sight!