Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Vatican rodeo round-up

Just got the word from Vatican City - the U.S. is getting an apostolic visitation.

Seems that the anger of American Catholics is not fading, and the collection baskets are not getting filled, so they better make another swipe at this pedophile scandal.

According to Archbishop Edwin O'Brien, the prelate overseeing the Apostolics:
"The same-sex attractions have gotten us into some legal problems.''

And after much learned discussion, the boys in the Curia decided to conduct a seminary review (aka Apostolic Visitation).

From Reuters:
In a possible hint of the ruling's contents, the American archbishop supervising the seminary review said "anyone who has engaged in homosexual activity or has strong homosexual inclinations," should not be admitted to a seminary.

The Times said Edwin O'Brien, archbishop for the United States military who is supervising the seminary review, told The National Catholic Register that the restriction should apply even to those who have not been sexually active for a decade or more.

Interesting. I thought the criteria was celibacy, not virginity.

And in view of the celibacy requirement, if you are gay but don't have sex, isn't that like no one being around to hear a tree fall in a forest?

While they are at it, maybe the Apostolic Vistitation crew can keep an eye out for pedophiles, embezzlers, and adulterers.

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