Monday, September 19, 2005

When no one was looking, New Zealand went to the polls

Reporting trackside, Saturday, 17 Sept:
It is a beautiful day for a horse race. Helen Clark of the Labour Party broke first from the gate and held on, despite a furious push by National. At the quarter mark, Labour, National, New Zealand First, Green, and Maori were bunched up. At the half-mile marker, Labour broke free with National close on their heels. National tried to close but ran out of track and Labour pulled away with the win.

The Labour leader, Helen Clark, on reelection:
I am very excited by another chance to form a coalition government, although I insist that the Maori Party eats first before they come to the negotiating table.

Post race wrap-up:
The Kiwis marched to the polls on Saturday, 17 September 2005. In a real nail-biter, the Labour Party was first past the post with 832,425 votes. The National Party was right behind them, at 809,674. Rounding out the top five were:
New Zealand First Party (119,336)
Green Party (103,617)
Maori Party (40,488)

OFF AT5:07 StartGood. Won driving. Course yielding.
TIME :23, :45©, 1:10¦, 1:35 (:23.07, :45.89, 1:10.26, 1:35.08)
$2Mutuel Prices:
1 - Labour 3.30 2.80 2.20
9 - National 13.10 6.60
8 - NZ First 5.30
$2 EXACTOR 1-9 PAID $58.00 $2 TRIACTOR 1-9-8 PAID $397.70
$1 SUPERFECTA 1-9-8-3 PAID $1,511.65

The Maori Party, for their part, reiterated their party's planks:
Mad Human Disease be fully covered by the National Health Plan
Eating their enemies, particularly the National Party, is a recognized part of their heritage
We did NOT kill the last dodo. Whitey did.

And a special announcement to all those interested in supporting theMaori Party:
Our next potluck dinner will be Friday at 7:00pm. Just bring yourself.

In other election news:
Keith Locke, Green Party foreign affairs spokesman, pledged to run naked through the streets if he lost his parliamentary seat election.

Keith lost.

The Newmarket Business Association is organizing the run down Broadway in Epsom. It's a "straight and wide strip - ideal for such exposure." Mr. Locke added, "We haven't set a date, we've got preparations to do in terms of choreography. It will be artistic and it will involve body paint."

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