Friday, October 14, 2005

Run, AJ, run!

Jon Garland, who hadn't pitched since 1 October 2005 in Cleveland, hit the mound tonight and went the distance, allowing 4 hits and 2 runs. Unfortunately for the Angels, the White Sox scored 5 runs (and this reporter had 3 in the strip card, so I'm out $5).
Pierzynski congrats Garland in ALCS 3

Tripping through the headlnes, as the White Sox lead 2-1 in the ALCS:

No Doubt This Time: ChiSox Beat Angels 5-2, ABC News.
Univ of North Dakota Fighting Sioux
White Sox pull up Angels, take lead in ALCS, USA Today

The Chicago Sun-Times makes an attempt to cover the other sports in Chicago:
In Heisman Watch, All Eyes On USC-ND

And for anyone who still cares, the Blackhawks beat the Colorado Avalanche tonight. 3-2.

And in breaking news, the University of Illinois Board of Trustees finally made a decision, of sorts, on Chief Illiniwek: they are challenging the NCAA policy that labels Chief Illiniwek, Fighting Illini, and plain old Illini as "hostile and abusive." And we're sure that if any Illini had survived the genocide campaign conducted against them by the U.S. government at the turn of the 19th century, they wouldn't be too keen on it either.
From the Chicago Tribune:
A six-page letter of appeal from Trustees Chairman Lawrence Eppley was sent to the NCAA, arguing that the governing body of major college athletics acted "incorrectly and unfairly" in August when it cited Illinois as one of 18 schools to be in violation of its policy on Native American imagery and nicknames that will take effect on Feb. 1.

It really hurt our feelings, and just for that, we're not going to any of your reindeer (bowl) games.
[Ed. note: The FIghting Illini are taking gas this season, and just lost the Big Ten Pillow FIght at Indiana last weekend.]

There's more:
Four other schools have appealed and three of them have been removed from the list—Florida State (Seminoles), Central Michigan (Chippewas) and Utah (Utes)—because they have the support of the respective tribes for use of the nicknames and accompanying imagery. North Dakota's appeal to continue using the nickname Fighting Sioux was denied because of opposition of some Sioux.

How can you NOT like the Fighting Sioux? I mean, come on!

Univ of North Dakota Fighting Sioux

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