Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Colorado broke loose, but Pennsylvania is as dumb as ever

Breaking news! Rockettes are going on strike!

And now, back to your mundane little world. What's that? You want some details on that Rockettes thing? According to NY1 News, the Rockettes walked out in sympathy of Local 802 of the American Federation of Musicians, also known as Radio City Hall's 35-piece orchestra.

And now, back to wacky Colorado. Grover Norquist is deeply, deeply dismayed by you wayward sheep in Colorado. From his web site, Americans For Tax Reform(Hah!):
"Young Republican children years from now will be scared in campground campfires by stories about Bill Owens - the tax-cutting Republican who magically turned into a tax-increase bad guy...and they will not be able to sleep all night."
--Grover Norquist, President of Americans for Tax Reform

What kind of summer camp did Grover go to, anyway?
If young Republican children are going to be scared that easily, then what's the point in having them in the first place?
Maybe they'd be able to sleep at night if there was healthcare in America. Now they have to get ludes on the streetcorner, after the Chicago blue light camera goes out.

[Ed. note: That's not a riff on KMart's blue light specials. Chicago really has blue light cameras, the police like to call them surveillence pods - as if that's supposed to make us feel better.]

But I digress. The Associated Press tees up and takes a big honking whack at Pennsylvania. Their headline is So-Called Taxpayers Bill of Rights is Proven Failure. Too subtle? Here's the subtitle:
Only State To Enact TABOR Just Voted To Suspend It.
Tom Wolfe, spokesman for the Coalition for Common Sense Priorities, is quoted "The only state that actually has to live under TABOR just voted to suspend it. Why would Pennsylvania want to adopt policies that have failed in Colorado?"

I could toss off a guess here, but let's wrap this thing up with some statistics. From the AP article:
-- Dropped from 35th to 49th in the nation in K-12 spending as a
percentage of personal income
-- Dropped from 30th in 50th in the nation in average teacher salary
compared to average pay in other occupations
-- Raised in-state tuition by 21 percent at its colleges and universities
over the last four years
-- Plummeted from 24th to 43rd in the nation in the share of children
receiving their full vaccinations, and
-- Dropped to last among the 50 states in the share of low-income
children covered by health insurance.

Take that, Happy Valley, and your stupid Nittany Lions!

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