Sunday, November 27, 2005

Just try to get an answer from the FAA

Greg Szymanski, of Arctic Beacon, filed a report last week with updated information on the four 9/11 flights. What triggered the report is that United Airlines finally got around to delisting flights 175 and 93 (crashed into the South Tower and Pennsylvania, respectfully), in September 2005.

United's in bankruptcy, but come on - 4 years to get around to delisting those flights? American delisted their's, Flights 11 and 77, a few months after 9/11. And the cause given for delisting: destroyed. United's cause: cancelled.

That's one way to describe a plane crash.

Szymanski also points to Gerald Holmgren's research on the 9/11 flights, which can be found at :
Holmgren points out that there is some duplication of names on American Flight 11 and United Flight 175.

Roaming around the FAA web site ( which redirects you to the NTSB for aviation accidents) you find this terse summary of the 4 incidents on 9/11:
The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 are under the jurisdiction of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The Safety Board provided requested technical assistance to the FBI, and this material generated by the NTSB is under the control of the FBI. The Safety Board does not plan to issue a report or open a public docket.
So there.

More to follow.

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