Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Mad rush to year end

Illinois is playing North Carolina in a rematch from last season's NCAA Championship game.
[Ed. note: It's the 2nd half and Illinois is up, 40-37, 18:00.]

Chicago weather dipped to 11 degrees wind chill (yes it does count) then rebounded back to 60. Now it's back to 20-30 degrees. It's going to be a cold winter. That damn groundhog is never going to come out on February 2 at this rate.

Could talk about a white hetero woman going into South Shore's gay bar. And it is definitely gay. Gloria Gaynor will live forever. The Coronas are a little on the high-priced side.

Could talk about why a white hetero woman would go into South Shore's gay bar. That would necessitate explaining the Little Black Book. Harken back to December 2003, when this editor and her brother were discussing New Year's resolutions. This conversation was taking place in the car and in mid-conversation the brother pointed a tavern and said it wasn't a bad place.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 46-38, 15:32.]

This editor glanced over and said it was alright. Or was it? Couldn't recall if I had been there or meant to drop in sometime. Which led this editor and brother to bring up the long lamented case of not always being able to tell if we had been to the bar in question, or merely meant to go.

And the Little Black Book was born. For 2004, every bar patronized by the brother or the editor got one unique entry.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 49-41, 13:26.]

Halfway into the year this editor reluctantly realized that the brother was a great field reporter but not so hot at filing reports. A reverse Jayson Blair. So this editor gamely trod on, solo. And only filled half the Little Black Book.

Only one thing to do. Demarcate the book showing where 2005 began, and start the safari again. Wipe the slate clean. Bars that made the Book in 2004 could make the book again in 2005.

Then, in Detroit International Airport the day after Thanksgiving, on the way home from Austin (TX), the Little Black Book was pulled out. Seemed there were more blank pages than this editor expected. A quick count revealed 34 blank pages. And some more simple math turned up 36 days left in the year.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 51-44, 15:39.]

Maybe a dipsomaniac could make that marathon run. This editor is a piker at best. Now I have to put on the half-court press the rest of the way to fill the Book. With this grueling time-compressed schedule, this also means no old favorites can be visited until next year. No time!

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 58-48, 8:15.]
Big Ten/ACC Challenge

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 64-55, 4:42.]
Dee Brown is back, and better than ever.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 64-62 ,3 19:.]
Illinois (5-0), North Carolina (3-0). Illinois ranked 12th, N. Carolina unranked.
A NC 12-0 run. Not happy.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 64-62, 2:05.]
Illinois calls timeout. Illinos has possession arrow. Illinois is great.
Dick Vitale just can't stop rooting for NC. Dick Vitale sucks.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 64-62, 1:26.]

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 66-62, 1:03.]
ACC 3, Big Ten 1 so far in this tournament.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 66-64, 0:40.5.]
Nuts. Timeout North Carolina. Dick Vitale likes Bruce Weber a lot. Dick Vitale is not completely sucky. Illinois ball.

[Ed. note: 2nd half, Illinois is up, 66-64, :26.6.]
NC fouls IL. This game is coming to you from Chapel Hill.

:17.4 NC fouls IL freshman Smith. He backrims it, IL rebounds, Dee Brown fouled.
:13.5 Dee Brown makes 1st, 67-64. Makes 2nd one, 68-64.

:04.0 IL fouled on NC's possession. Dee Brown back at the line and misses.

Illinois wins, 68-64. Take that, North Carolina!

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