Thursday, December 01, 2005

Kilroy was here. No, Kilroy is still here.

[Ed. note: Thanks to Bagnews Notes for the great picts.]Image hosted by Photobucket.comWhat kind of hopped-up midshipman does Bush & Co have to drag out for his speeches?
Here's what they were looking at:
The Newlywed Game, with Bush & Iraq
That's right. It's a revival of the "The Newlywed Game." We couldn't get Bob Eubanks because he's busy becoming the next Dick Clark. But we got his old microphone from the show and the Commandant from the U.S. Naval Academy to fill in.

Our first newlywed couple is George and Richarda. They finally made it official in November 2000. It took us awhile to get those crazy kids on the show but they're here so let's give them a big welcome. (See the first photo for the audience reaction.)

Commandant: George, tell us how you and Richarda got together.
Richarda: I'll answer that. His father asked me to find the perfect mate for George, so I started conducting the search, vetting the nominees when it occurred to me - I'm the one.
Commandant: (Taken aback.) We're going to go to the first question. George, what was the one thing Richarda told you not to talk about.
George: He told me that my brother and cousin planned to kill my uncle for the insurance money.
Commandant: Uh...
George: (Reflecting) Yeah, he definitely told me not to talk about that.
Commandant: OK, well, Richarda, what was your answer?
Richarda holds up sign reading: His brother and cousin are going to kill his uncle for the insurance money.
Commandant: Uh - really?
Pause while Richarda glares and George stares blankly at Commandant.
Commandant turns to camera: OK! These two get a year's supply of Rice-a-roni, the San Francisco treat.
Camera fades on a Richarda menacingly reaching for the Commandant.
Don't forget special teams

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