Friday, December 30, 2005

Let me get this straight

U.S. citizens cannot travel to Cuba but we can fly to a warzone? Even better - MINORS can fly to warzones.

Farris Hassaid, a 16-year old Florida student, was taking a course in immersion journalism. The course assignment was to report on an international topic. Hassan chose the Iraq War. Can't immerse yourself in the war if you're in Florida. So he went to Baghdad.

His mother, Shatha Atiya, said "He's going to lose access to his passport for sure."

While we're at it, why don't we pull the passports of those so-called journalists who are allegedly reporting on the Iraq War.

The Sydney Morning Herald has a good summary of how Hassan pulled this off.


tenacity said...

The naysayers may want to consider a different point of view:

Do a little Googling. The whole world is talking about this kid, and people from Switzerland to France to French Canadia seem to have a general consensus: if more young people decided the human condition is worth more than their money, ealth, or safety, the world would be a very different place. Or, as many people have agreed, "the kid has serious stones, man."

I find it interesting that some people are so dissapointed in his choice of how to spend his money. Would they rather he attend to the path expected of him, buying junk and living a shallow life, unaware of and uncaring of others, as so many young American are inclined?

As for what some others appear to consider a trite false attempt to convey compassion, the trite attempt could have been made from his couch. To make it from the streets of Bagdhad implies his devotion to his ideal.

I'm not saying it was bright, but it was brave, and an example to the materialistic humans in this world that the truth is impossible to decipher from a distance.

He's a young man now - he's old enough to take his life and future into his own hands. People his age have been killing other people in wars for centuries - what would happen if more of them fought for peace?

Interesting: when soldiers die for war, they are brave, when a young boy is willing to die for peace, he's stupid. That says a lot about human nature. Maybey people like Farris can change that in the future.

Tundra Kat said...

We can certainly say that our media corps should be mortified at being shown up by a high school sophomore. Let's ditch the MSM and go with this kid.

I like your summation too:
"Interesting: when soldiers die for war, they are brave, when a young boy is willing to die for peace, he's stupid."

That's because people are too chicken to go against the grain.

Thanks for the input.