Thursday, December 08, 2005

Why didn't he use the horn?

ABC News, first in news, first to put out something - anything - has this:
An aircraft mechanic at Midway told WBBM-AM radio that the plane's nose gear had collapsed and the jet appeared to have been hit by a vehicle.
Now how the hell did a car get involved in this?

We've got breaking news from Chicago, which is under siege by a December blizzard. [Ed. note: While the blizzard is not a suspect at this time, police officials confirm it is being regarded as a "person of interest."]

Jetliner slides off runway at Midway Airport
The Southwest 737, Flight 1248, landing at Midway Airport (airport code MDW), skidded off the runway at the northwest corner of the airport, breaking through the fence and ending at the intersection of Central Avenue and 55th Street.

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