Wednesday, January 18, 2006

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Lt. Col. Maginnis (Ret.) is concerned about Pinnacle Armor's Dragon Skin. Dragon Skin is the body armor that troops getting deployed to Iraq/Afghanisan are buying with their own money. (That would be $5000-$6000 a pop.)

Maginnis' evaluation? Let's go to his appearance on Jim Lehrer Newshour:
Maginnis: And, you know, the contracting people as well as the Army scientists say, look, be careful with dragon skin because it's good for a knife fight but we don't want to take it to Iraq because of the ballistic issues.
(Reporter) Margaret Warner: What do you mean the ballistic issues?
Maginnis: Well, I can't tell you the exact because it's classified.
MARGARET WARNER: And what's your very brief explanation of why 80 percent of these soldiers did suffer wounds that went into the gaps?
LT. COL. ROBERT MAGINNIS (Ret.): You know, those that were, you know, yes, there are places that you can shoot them. And it depends upon their position and so forth.
One follow up, from Soldiers For The Truth - if troops are wearing Dragon Skin (which they would have purchased on their own) and get killed, their beneficiaries might not get the death benefit.

Read the article to believe it.

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