Thursday, February 23, 2006

It's not insidious, it's electoral posturing

UPDATE, 23 Feb 2006 12:38 CT - Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari, in India to discuss oil pipelines, heard the news and commented "The two sides had a comprehensive review of bilateral relations, and agreed to continue cooperation in all areas of mutual interest and beneft, including in the energy field." Noting the confused looks on the reporters' faces, the translator asked Safari to repeat his statement, and the correct version came out like this:
I could live in a state like South Dakota.

BYLINE Pierre, South Dakota. (It's the end of February - So. Dakota is just as likely to do something stupid as anyone else.)

South Dakota Senate passes abortion ban bill
Legislation passed by the SD Senate bans nearly all abortions in the state.

Now some of the cynics might think the great state of South Dakota was tapped to fire the opening salvo on Roe v Wade.

But that's not it at all. The movers and shakers in Pierre have been stuck on 3 electoral votes since the state's inception. It finally dawned on them that they need to bump up their population to grab another electoral vote. So they don't execute people anymore - but they could if they wanted to! - and the abortion ban is another avenue to the same goal.

Four in 2010!

Not as ringing as "Tippicanoe and Taylor Too" or "Fifty-Four Forty or Fight" but it's something to rally around.

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