Thursday, February 16, 2006

We're all brothers under the skin, after all

There's something about carbs that brings the super patriot out in us.

Dateline Tehran, Iran. Iranians now ask for "Roses of the Prophet Muhammad" when they swing by the bakery to pick up some danish.

I am not making this up.

Some Iranians enthusiastically embraced the new name. Some were indfferent. Zohreh Masoumi, a simple Iranian with a sweet tooth, was interviewed at a bakery, "I just want the sweet pastries. I have nothing to do with the name."

After consultation with Rep. Walter Jones (R-NC)*, the mullahs decided to stone Zohreh.

It's great how all those mouthy pious sanctimonious types quickly retrench and become class A apologists when it's their government who is violating every tenet of their religion.

And I'm not talking about mullahs.

America's very own Bible belt is in full swing defending Bush & Co. Why do they feel compelled to do this? Who knows? How far do the depths of their stupidity go? Science doesn't know that answer either. I strongly suspect it is immeasurable.

Ask them if they're okay with our troops committing torture? The feeble rebuttals are that happened only once, or it isn't that serious, or those new reports are really just recycled photographs. These people better change their prayers to "God, I really really hope that afterlife is not what I've been spouting on about, because if it is, I'm in heap big trouble."

My fear? That their version of afterlife doesn't exist. I will be sorely disappointed if there is no hell.

*That would be Walter Jones of Freedom Fries fame.

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