Sunday, March 26, 2006

We sent our boys over there

To create Islamic republics so we don't have them here. And to cover Israel's flank.

House Majority Leader, John Boehner (R-OH), courageously stood before THE Israel lobby AIPAC* and announced

“As the new House majority leader, I can assure you that under my leadership, legislation that is in any way perceived as anti-Israel will not be considered in the House of Representatives,” Rep. John Boehner (R-Ohio).
Nothing about his stance on anti-American legislation.

And the U.S. press held up their end of the bargain by not covering the speech. By the way, that little declaration was made 6 March 2006. Of course, the Dubai Ports World flap was going on at the time - I wonder what was AIPAC's take on that?

Do a Google search on John Boehner. The Jewish Telegraph covered it. The
Collectif Bellacio (France) covered it - although you can't access the page.

If you do a search on "anti-Israel" though, you get plenty of U.S. coverage on the Harvard study that Israel has undue influence on American policy. (See Boehner's comment above for glaring example.)

Yahoo isn't much better. Search on "Boehner anti-Israel" and you get results on the Harvard study group's paper. Search on "Boehner AIPAC" and you get 4 (four!) measly results.
1. Common Dreams on the Harvard study.
2. From Asia Times - Study blasts US pro-Israel lobby
CNN - The Situation - a daily column, which outlines the speaker schedule for the AIPAC conference. Boehner was scheduled to speak between 9:00am ET and 10:30am ET - with former Senator John Edwards. Hmmm.
4. Press release from AIPAC about their annual conference (released 1 March 2006). So, no actual link to Boehner's statements.

I'm deducing that it is good politics to reaffirm to AIPAC that they're no. 1, but bad politics to let Americans know about it.

*American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Life in the great state of baseball

Big Baby Bonds can't bully court
From the Chicago Tribune: Judge Denies Bonds' bid to freeze book's profits
Bonds' attorneys argued that the authors used "illegally obtained grand jury transcripts. Judge James Warren cited free speech and threw out the request.
[Ed. Note to Bonds: Probably should have autographed Warren's son's baseball when you were asked.]

In a separate story, while leaving the courthouse, Bonds' was asked about the U.S. Post Office's new set of stamps honoring baseball's greatest hitters - and he's not one of them. Bonds was restrained by his lawyers and whisked into a waiting car.

The set of four stamps feature Roy Campanella (Brooklyn Dodgers), Hank Greenberg (Detroit Tigers), Mickey Mantle (NY Yankees), and Mel Ott (NY Giants).
[Ed. note: I don't know how a non-New Yorker slipped in there either.]
And the feckless NY Yankees will take advantage of the presence of the World Champion Chicago White Sox to unveil the stamps at their July 15 game.

This just in - the Chicago White Sox are still World Champions.

From the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram: Ex-Rangers pitcher, Kenny Rogers can avoid jail if he completes an anger management couse. It is rumored that he got a referral from Bonds. If Rogers, now with Detroit, can finish the course without popping his top, his Class A misdemeanor will be reduced to a Class C.
[Ed. note: Rogers is already looking forward to "cutting loose" on Devil Night in Detroit. It is not known if Rogers is aware what time of year Devil Night happens.]

For the baseball junkie who still won't admit he has a problem, tell him about MLB's online game package. For only $79.95 you get over 2,400 out-of-market games this season. And spring training games are thrown in for free. Whoopee!
[Ed. note: Did you catch that little qualifier? Out of market games. What World Champion White Sox fan wants to watch the Kansas City Royals and the Tampa Day Devilrays whale away on each other?]
Straight from MLB:
• Local Live Blackout: ALL LIVE MLB.TV games will be blacked out in both teams'home telecast markets and in Japan.
• National Live Blackout: Live games marked with grey icon will be blacked out in the U.S., Japan, South Korea, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Additionally, postseason live games will be blacked out in Canada. Blackout restrictions do not apply to any other country than those listed above.
MLB helpfully provides a list of zip codes, by team, that are subject to the blackout. The White Sox list runs from 46001 through 68001.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

War would be great if it weren't for the civilians

Did US Soldiers Execute Iraqi Family? Including Children?

A senior Iraqi police officer reported that autopsies on the bodies, which included five children, showed each had been shot in the head.
US Raid on Home Killed 11 Family Members
From the Jamaico Obsever:

"Troops were engaged by enemy fire as they approached the building," US spokesman Major Tim Keefe said. "Coalition Forces returned fire utilising both air and ground assets.
"There was one enemy killed. Two women and one child were also killed in the firefight. The building ... (was) destroyed."
Thank God they got the building. Those things are dangerous.

Looks like everyone is covering this story except for the U.S. media.

Here's a puzzler: if you try to provoke someone into attacking you, so that you can claim you were attacked and then attack them, does that count as a provoked attack? And how ticked off was Bush & Blair when Saddam Hussein didn't read the signs correctly? Note to Cabinet staff: send Saddam some articles on Milosevic's death.

Here's another puzzler: how can people here at home simultaneously believe themselves to be Christians and support the war? The premise of the war is a lie. That violates Christian tenets. We're killing civilians. That violates tenets. We're using chemical weapons - that violates every sense of natural order. We're killing our own troops with depleted uranium - so much for supporting the troops.

I'm not surprised that dirt-eating rubes in Kansas can severe critical thinking apparatus in the brain to allow them to inhabit that paradox. But what about all the other Bush/war supporters? Can it be that so many self-inflicted lobotomies have been performed? And if that's the case, shouldn't these dangerous automatons be tagged in some way so we know who they are?

Monday, March 06, 2006

S80s, DFW, and American Airlines

Things I hate.

S80. I flew it from Chicago O'Hare to Tucson Intl. Hated it. Flew it back, Tucson Intl to DFW, and then DFW to O'Hare. It's a crappy, stingy plane with the narrowest aisles. The rollerboard banged from side to side walking down the aisle to row 22 (to Tucson), row 26 (Tucson to DFW), and row 28 (DFW to O'Hare).

Dallas Fort Worth Airport. It is so montrously expansive that once a plane lands, the pilot has to drive the plane up and down lanes, across a highway, and then you can start thinking about getting to the gate. This takes a long time. And when you're sitting in row 26 with your carry-on in row 29, it's going to take even longer.

Once you get to the gate, you don't just spring out of the jetway into the gate area. First, you wander through a "Alice Through the Looking Glass" maze. You know you're in the airport, but you're not quite there.

When you get on the inside of DFW, you look for monitors to find your connecting flight, there aren't any. But I was told on my flight to DFW that my connecting flight would be Gate 20. I popped out at Gate 33. Without corrobating evidence, I took the
Skylink (that's what it's called, the SKYLINK) to another part of the obscenely large airport. In a lucky break, my flight to O'Hare actually was at Gate 20.

Then the flight was late because of snow in Chicago. It doesn't matter. I still hate DFW.

American Airlines has this thing where you board by group number. I can't figure out how the group numbers are assigned. It's not row number, it's not time of check-in - a tricky system. I checked in at 6:00am in Tucson and got my boarding pass there for DFW to O'Hare. I was assigned Group Two. Hmmm.

Here's what is wrong with this system: people are too stupid to put their carry-on baggage in the overhead above them. Instead, some knuckleheads throw it in overheads towards the front of the coach cabin, then mosey back to where they are sitting. Then the unassuming passenger, such as myself, comes on board and the only place to put my bag is 3 rows behind me. So I get to stay on board that crappy little S80 even longer. I hate American Airlines.