Monday, March 06, 2006

S80s, DFW, and American Airlines

Things I hate.

S80. I flew it from Chicago O'Hare to Tucson Intl. Hated it. Flew it back, Tucson Intl to DFW, and then DFW to O'Hare. It's a crappy, stingy plane with the narrowest aisles. The rollerboard banged from side to side walking down the aisle to row 22 (to Tucson), row 26 (Tucson to DFW), and row 28 (DFW to O'Hare).

Dallas Fort Worth Airport. It is so montrously expansive that once a plane lands, the pilot has to drive the plane up and down lanes, across a highway, and then you can start thinking about getting to the gate. This takes a long time. And when you're sitting in row 26 with your carry-on in row 29, it's going to take even longer.

Once you get to the gate, you don't just spring out of the jetway into the gate area. First, you wander through a "Alice Through the Looking Glass" maze. You know you're in the airport, but you're not quite there.

When you get on the inside of DFW, you look for monitors to find your connecting flight, there aren't any. But I was told on my flight to DFW that my connecting flight would be Gate 20. I popped out at Gate 33. Without corrobating evidence, I took the
Skylink (that's what it's called, the SKYLINK) to another part of the obscenely large airport. In a lucky break, my flight to O'Hare actually was at Gate 20.

Then the flight was late because of snow in Chicago. It doesn't matter. I still hate DFW.

American Airlines has this thing where you board by group number. I can't figure out how the group numbers are assigned. It's not row number, it's not time of check-in - a tricky system. I checked in at 6:00am in Tucson and got my boarding pass there for DFW to O'Hare. I was assigned Group Two. Hmmm.

Here's what is wrong with this system: people are too stupid to put their carry-on baggage in the overhead above them. Instead, some knuckleheads throw it in overheads towards the front of the coach cabin, then mosey back to where they are sitting. Then the unassuming passenger, such as myself, comes on board and the only place to put my bag is 3 rows behind me. So I get to stay on board that crappy little S80 even longer. I hate American Airlines.

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SkyWriter said...

Girrrrlllll - Fly JetBlue when they come to Chicago. (Write Mayor Daley and encourage him to open gates at O'Hare for the plucky little upstart airline.) As for DFW, I can't help you. It's an airport designed by the demented to keep the populace employed. Typical camel - a horse build by committe.)