Tuesday, April 25, 2006

And first out of the gate: ILLINOIS!

Even sneakier than a Stealth bomber, Illinois State Representative Karen Yarbrough introduced HJR0125 on Friday, 21 April 2006 to impeach George Bush. A careful reading reveals that being a jagoff was NOT one of the counts. Pity.

Since I learned of this revolutionary movement (If Congress Won't Do It, Then We Will) around noon today, Rep. Yarbrough's bill had 3 co-sponsors:
Rep. Sara Feigenholtz
Rep. Eddie Washington
Rep. Cynthia Soto

At the time of this writing, there are now THIRTEEN MORE!

I am perturbed to see that my state rep, Barbara Flynn Currie, is not among them. Yet.

Back to the storyline. I found out about this resolution in the context of California's legislature planning on doing the same as Illinois. What! When did this bold move out of Springfield happen? Well, I gave that one away in the opening paragraph. Vermont's state government is also working up an impeachment bill.

How do you like those states' rights now?

Illinois makes it short and simple (it helps our intelligence-challenged President). The opening salvo is a smart "whereas, Section 103 of Jefferson's Manual of the Rules of the United States House of Representatives allows federal impeachment proceedings to be initiated by joint resolution of a state legislature."

Then it gets to the heart of the matter.

WHEREAS, President Bush has publicly admitted to ordering
7 the National Security Agency to violate provisions of the 1978
8 Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a felony, specifically
9 authorizing the Agency to spy on American citizens without
10 warrant;
Reeling yet? Here's charge no. 2:
WHEREAS, Evidence suggests that President Bush authorized
12 violation of the Torture Convention of the Geneva Conventions,
13 a treaty regarded a supreme law by the United States
14 Constitution
Take that!
WHEREAS, The Bush Administration has held American
16 citizens and citizens of other nations as prisoners of war
17 without charge or trial;
Try wriggling out of that one.
WHEREAS, Evidence suggests that the Bush Administration
19 has manipulated intelligence for the purpose of initiating a
20 war against the sovereign nation of Iraq, resulting in the
21 deaths of large numbers of Iraqi civilians and causing the
22 United States to incur loss of life, diminished security and
23 billions of dollars in unnecessary expenses;
Kicked off the first genocide of the 21st Century.
WHEREAS, The Bush Administration leaked classified
25 national secrets to further a political agenda, exposing an
26 unknown number of covert U. S. intelligence agents to potential
27 harm and retribution while simultaneously refusing to
28 investigate the matter;
President Bush can certainly understand this charge. Why, he wants to prosecute the CIA employee who leaked classified data showing he authorized torture prisons in Eastern Europe.

He doesn't get that revealing information to expose criminal conduct is NOT against the law. In fact, not doing so is aiding and abetting. And can get you caught up in a CONSPIRACY CHARGE. [Ed. note: That was for those who denigrate conspiracy theories.]

Now let's get out there and show some support for Springfield, Sacramento, and Montpelier.*

*That would be Vermont's capitol.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Another botched purchase

On the 36th anniversay of Earth Day I (finally) bought a DVD player. While the average gas price in Chicago crested $3.00, I set up my DVD player only to discover that my TV is pre-DVD.

Worse, this discovery turned into an "oh $&(@#. I ran into this 4 years ago when I tried to hook up Pop's DVD to my television. Nuts."

Meanwhile, Freddy "The Beetle" Barnes is writing that Bush needs to shake up the staff more than ousting minor staffers. Perhaps, uh, Cheney could go. Condi would probably agree to step up. And Cheney caught napping at a meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao provides pretty good cover for a resignation due to health issues. (See NY Post for article.)

At least the White Sox beat the Twins tonight. (Again.)

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Hey everybody, is that Otto Kerner?

No - just George Ryan's uncanny impersonation of him.

The White Sox are winning, the sun is shining, and life is grand in the Great State of Illinois.

George Ryan. Guilty. On all counts.

Not only did Ryan lose, but so did his attorney Dan Webb. Dan Webb of (former Governor) Jim Thompson's firm Winston & Strawn.

And they were beaten by US District Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald. I wonder if I. Scooter Libby was following this trial?

I wonder if Richie Daley was following the trial. The trial for his former patronage chief, Robert Sorich, kicks off in 3 weeks.

And going for the hat trick, was Rod Blagojevich keeping tabs?

On a side note, a news search on Google was very disappointing, only turning up local news (for me) stories: WBBM-TV CBS, Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, the Waukegian (really? The Waukegian?)

A news search on Yahoo! was more gratifying:
India Daily
And from a city that knows something about corruption: Cleveland

Monday, April 10, 2006

Would Jesus file Chapter 11 or 13?

The Christian Coalition is in hock. More than $2 million. Pat "let's get that Chavez guy" Robertson and Ralph Reed have split.

Things are so bad that those nutty water-walkers, the Christian Coalition of Iowa, cut the ties that bind and renamed themselves The Way. Just kidding - they're going by the moniker Iowa Christian Alliance.

For the gnostics out there, yes, it IS just a coincidence that usury has become a hot topic once again.

Roberta Combs, current head of Coalition (and I don't mean Catholic) has a humdinger of a fundraiser planned, in conjunction with the World Wrestling Federation:
THE ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH: Islamofascists and the Christofascists. Let's get ready to crusade!

Meanwhile, the Christian Coalition still fights the good fight:
Internet sales of wine raise concerns
Specifically, copyright infringement. They don't like it when you poach on JC's patrimony. They're still steamed that they can't nail the Catholics to the wall on that whole transubstantiation thing.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

If we're not going to swing together, then we will separately

It looks like I may go out of this world dancing. At the end of a rope. If George Weinert V of Chicago has anything to do about it.

George, of the
American Jihad blog, is pretty worked up over traitors. And he can identify them by what they write and read. Some of the entries on his hit parade include:
Dissident Voice

And George has some ideas on what to do about it:
Why? George spells it out:

George, if a zealous patriot uses hemp rope to lynch some - and I quote verbatim here - "DIRTY HIPPIE/MUSLIM/COMMIE/QUEERS" does that make him a dope pusher? I only ask because hemp is really strong stuff and perfect for a lynching.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

UPDATE - Closing in on the body, Easter Egg Hunt still cancelled

Big Tom Wilson finds body, makes Easter cancellation announcement. Note that the body can't actually be seen. Developing. . .

Image hosting by Photobucket

UPDATE - Easter back on, but Easter Egg Hunt is off

The newsroom has just received the following update on the whole "Easter is cancelled" story:
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens Easter Egg Hunt cancelled due to inclement weather.
To reiterate, Easter is still on, but the Easter egg hunt is kaput.

Tracking down what happened to the body. Developing. . .

This just in - Easter cancelled

They found the body.

Well, I'll be damned - and don't bother praying for me either

Can it be that prayer benefits those saying the prayers rather than those getting prayed for? That’s been my suspicion for awhile, and now a long-awaited study on the power of prayer has been released.

There could be some elements that the study didn’t address, such as maybe some of those pious church-going people cheated and did not say prayers as often or as fervently or as sincerely as they should have.
[Ed. note: Their minds might have drifted to strategies on getting out of the church parking lot first.]

Or maybe pedophile clergy were among those saying prayers. What patient would want to be the recipient of those prayers?

How about this - were the patients allowed to pray for themselves?

And did they break down the source of prayers by denomination? Maybe Catholic-sourced prayers had a positive effect on patients. Maybe those patients did the worst.

The anti-clerical Irish put it bluntly:
Study on power of prayer finds it may actually do more harm.

You'll have to read the study to find out the answers to these and other questions. Except for the one question does praying help. NOPE. Maybe the religious should take a page out of the physician's credo: First, do no harm.