Saturday, April 01, 2006

Well, I'll be damned - and don't bother praying for me either

Can it be that prayer benefits those saying the prayers rather than those getting prayed for? That’s been my suspicion for awhile, and now a long-awaited study on the power of prayer has been released.

There could be some elements that the study didn’t address, such as maybe some of those pious church-going people cheated and did not say prayers as often or as fervently or as sincerely as they should have.
[Ed. note: Their minds might have drifted to strategies on getting out of the church parking lot first.]

Or maybe pedophile clergy were among those saying prayers. What patient would want to be the recipient of those prayers?

How about this - were the patients allowed to pray for themselves?

And did they break down the source of prayers by denomination? Maybe Catholic-sourced prayers had a positive effect on patients. Maybe those patients did the worst.

The anti-clerical Irish put it bluntly:
Study on power of prayer finds it may actually do more harm.

You'll have to read the study to find out the answers to these and other questions. Except for the one question does praying help. NOPE. Maybe the religious should take a page out of the physician's credo: First, do no harm.

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