Monday, April 10, 2006

Would Jesus file Chapter 11 or 13?

The Christian Coalition is in hock. More than $2 million. Pat "let's get that Chavez guy" Robertson and Ralph Reed have split.

Things are so bad that those nutty water-walkers, the Christian Coalition of Iowa, cut the ties that bind and renamed themselves The Way. Just kidding - they're going by the moniker Iowa Christian Alliance.

For the gnostics out there, yes, it IS just a coincidence that usury has become a hot topic once again.

Roberta Combs, current head of Coalition (and I don't mean Catholic) has a humdinger of a fundraiser planned, in conjunction with the World Wrestling Federation:
THE ULTIMATE CAGE MATCH: Islamofascists and the Christofascists. Let's get ready to crusade!

Meanwhile, the Christian Coalition still fights the good fight:
Internet sales of wine raise concerns
Specifically, copyright infringement. They don't like it when you poach on JC's patrimony. They're still steamed that they can't nail the Catholics to the wall on that whole transubstantiation thing.

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