Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Goss hotfoots it out of CIA, Cubs interested

Porter Goss, former Representative of Florida's 14th district, skipped out on the CIA last Friday (5 May 2006). At least he had the decency not to trot out that tired line "spend more time with the family." On the other hand, he didn't give a reason at all. His no. 2, CIA Executive Director Kyle Foggo is in hot water as the defense bribes investigation is turning his name up more and more.

And old
Porter's name is rumored to be turning up in ever-expanding Duke Cunningham investigation. That the Duke is convicted hasn't stopped the investigation, which allegedly involves such stalwart players as the Watergate Hotel, hookers, drugs, and limos.

Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry immediately expressed an interest in signing Goss. "We need a good left-handed starter." Hendry was not appraised of the fact that Goss is right handed.

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