Thursday, May 11, 2006

If you start in Bizarro World, then where the hell are we now?

This is why we drink. How we refrain from assaulting the 29% who still like Bush is a testament to our restraint. Or it's the drunken stupor that prevents eye-hand coordination necessary to carry out a thorough thrashing.

Dept of Justice (ha!) announced today they’re calling off the NSA wiretapping investigation because of national security. To wit, the DoJ lawyers had been denied security clearance. How handy.

Then Congress – who finally got a good whiff of what America’s thinking outside the Beltway, got scared and started bringing bills to the floor to protect us & our cell phone records from the government.* And then the
second bill suddenly disappeared.

Rupert Murdoch
co-hosts a fundraiser for – wait for it – HILLARY CLINTON. The Fox News spin machine getting geared up for that psycho witch. The silver lining is that it has EVERYONE as freaked out as I am.

*WAY too late in the game for this. A Congressional bill infringing on Bush’s theater of movement? The infrastructure is there and they’re going to keep on spying on us. Has anyone heard from that
AT&T whistleblower since he outed AT&T?


SkyWriter said...

I'll have to think long and hard if it's a contest between Hillary and Condi for 2008. I love them and hate them each equally, but (as of now) I'd go with Hillary because even though she's a sell out Senator, she'll be a "kiss my ass" President. Up with the girls!

JulieD said...

If it's a contest between Hillary and Condi in 2008 I'm leaving the country.

Where are the sensible women? does the beltway turn all people into lying, conniving, manipulative blah-de-blahs?

I know, stupid question.