Thursday, May 11, 2006

Things that make you go "hmmm." Or maybe "holy sh*t!"*

Iran, whose march to a bourse trading oil in Euros was postponed in March, announced today (11 May 2006) that they will start in July. (Saddam was talking about doing the same thing in 2000.)

Raw Story, also today, reports that two carrier groups are steaming to the Middle East.

Cheney baits Putin, who bites back and tells us that the Cold War is not over but rather is accelerating.


Now, I’ve been wrong on a lot of things. I thought for sure there would be a draft by January 2005. However, excepting the military draft, I UNDERESTIMATED the gravity of the crisis and crimes against people committed by BushCo.

Then again, maybe I’m just cranky because the White Sox game got rained out.

*In a perverse sense of humor, I linked back to myself.

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