Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It would be irresponsible not to speculate

The story:

Rush Limbaugh, radio host, returns from a vacation in the Dominican Republic, and is detained at Palm Beach International Airport for 3.5 hours when prescription bottles labeled Viagra in someone else's name are found.


Monday, 26 June 2006
initial reports stated Limbaugh was held for having prescription drugs (Viagra) in someone else's name. Illegal, and in this case, it was in Limbaugh's physician's name. Limbaugh's attorney claimed that was done for "privacy purposes."


Monday, 26 June 2006, later that same day
The reports change to
Limbaugh Detained for Drugs at Airport. Now we're not sure what was in those Viagra-labeled bottles.

Well, well, well.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006
Limbaugh continues to make ass out of self. Talking about the incident on his radio show, says "I had a great time in the Dominican Republic. Wish I could tell you about it."

Maybe you will, in a court of law.

Tuesday, 27 June 2006, later that same day
The press starts reporting
"Limbaugh Under New Investigation." They also enjoy including in their reports that Viagra "treats erectile dysfunction." And news outlets are also starting to report that while Florida law permits doctors to write prescriptions in a third party's name (as long as all parties are aware and is documented in the doctor's files), Limbaugh and/or his doctor did not follow these strictures.

Why does Limbaugh take Viagra and Oxycontin together?
To keep from rolling out of bed.

Monday, June 26, 2006

It took a week

But I finally dreamed about "WKRP In Cincinnati." I can't understand the delay either. Went to Cincinnati June 17-19 to catch the White Sox - Cincinnati series and what happened? Nothing except a White Sox sweep.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Austrian right-wing politician calls Bush "war criminal"

If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black.

Reuters reports from Vienna that Austrian populist Joerg Haider called President Bush a war criminal.

Even better, he said this Saturday, 17 June 2006, just days before Austria hosts Bush and other European leaders.

[By the way, Haider isn't a peripheral whacko - his group is part of the governing coalition.]

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Really should understand that Moral Turpitude clause

Perhaps Jason Grimsley (the damned departed middle reliever of the Arizona Diamondbacks) should have thought about the Morals Clause before he asked, and received, his unconditional release from the D'backs.

The D'backs were happy to grant it. And then
announced that they were not paying the rest of his $825,000 salary.

Grimsley is peeved.

Me, I'd go with the Morals Clause. But there might not be one in his contract. The D'backs argument is that Grimsley was unfit to play and should not be compensated for the remainder of the season. Especially as he might be cooling his heels in some federal joint.*

Meanwhile, in an effort to prove they are not irrelevant, Gene Upshaw of the NFL Players Union said that there was no way they would allow blood testing. The paternity suits alone would bankrupt them.

news broke Wednesday, June 7 on Grimsley. To sum up, he was cooperating with IRS agents in a performance-enhancing investigation into MLB. Until they asked him to wear a wire, at which point he balked.** So, the feds dropped the hammer on him, and swarmed his home on Tuesday (6 June 2006). Apparently the BALCO investigation is an IRS investigation, which up until Grimsley got popped I thought was an FBI gig. So not only is Grimsley in trouble with the feds, but it is the IRS.

And somehow,
Ozzie Guillen and DL'd reliever Jeff Nelson felt compelled to share some half-baked thoughts on this.
Guillen had this to say: "Only thing I can say is that a former player should shut up and go. Shut up and move on."
And Jeff Nelson, whose career is over (that DL trip is just a stopping point) strangely is really ticked off: "For him to get caught and then basically throw other guys under the bridge [sic], that's just wrong."
I'll make this short. Ozzie and Jeff, a guy whose moral center is an existential afterthought, just got nabbed by the feds. Which means he is in the Real World and out of the baseball fraternity. And he's going to sing like a canary because he is a cheater, a sneak, and a loser. And this wildly inappropriate reaction makes us think a little more about you two.
So, Ozzie, Jeff: shut up and move on.

*Okay, okay - I know there is no chance of him doing time this season. But it sounds good.
** He's a pitcher, for chrissakes! I couldn't help myself.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

When did the right foot start hurting?

Another way to enjoy those extra-inning heroics resulting in a White Sox winner - over Cleveland, which is even better - is reading about them on the Spanish White Sox web site.

Dye contribuye en la victoria

Walking home from the train Friday my right foot started killing me. The whole right side of the right foot went out on strike. Diagnosing myself, I concluded that it was referred pain. Referred from the horror which is my haircut.

Last Wednesday I'm in the chair for highlights. While the hair was getting dried, the stylist asked why I had my hair one length. That was a stumper. I knew there was a good reason, but I couldn't recall why. So I told him "I can't remember." And he said, "Your hair is too thick for that. How about I add some layers." And I said, "What the hell, go ahead."

It wasn't until I was home walking the dog when barometric pressure and humidity crushingly reminded me why I have one length: women with curly hair should never, EVER have layers. And because I have so bloody many layers the growing-out period looks like a long term growth project.

Oh, and I don't like the highlight color. (It's blonde. I should have done all over lightish brown with RED highlights. Note to self: don't EVER make these hair mistakes again.)