Saturday, June 10, 2006

When did the right foot start hurting?

Another way to enjoy those extra-inning heroics resulting in a White Sox winner - over Cleveland, which is even better - is reading about them on the Spanish White Sox web site.

Dye contribuye en la victoria

Walking home from the train Friday my right foot started killing me. The whole right side of the right foot went out on strike. Diagnosing myself, I concluded that it was referred pain. Referred from the horror which is my haircut.

Last Wednesday I'm in the chair for highlights. While the hair was getting dried, the stylist asked why I had my hair one length. That was a stumper. I knew there was a good reason, but I couldn't recall why. So I told him "I can't remember." And he said, "Your hair is too thick for that. How about I add some layers." And I said, "What the hell, go ahead."

It wasn't until I was home walking the dog when barometric pressure and humidity crushingly reminded me why I have one length: women with curly hair should never, EVER have layers. And because I have so bloody many layers the growing-out period looks like a long term growth project.

Oh, and I don't like the highlight color. (It's blonde. I should have done all over lightish brown with RED highlights. Note to self: don't EVER make these hair mistakes again.)

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SkyWriter said...

C'mon - I bet your hair looks fabulous - as always. If you're already prone to red in your brown hair (as you are, as I am) you should always go with light brown/blonde highlights. Or low-lights - go darker underneath.
And about the foot thing - did you kick anything in your hair rage?