Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Cheats the system again

Ken Lay is dead. Here are some of the headlines:
Disgraced boss Ken Lay dies at luxury ski chalet (UK Guardian)
Enron founder Ken Lay dies awaiting sentencing (Australia National Nine News)
Lay's Conviction: Gone With Him (Time Magazine)

That last headline reminds me of the greatest sequel never written: The Wind Done Gone

So that rotten bastard dies and cheats the system. Again.

In other news:
All day I referred to AC/DC's "Thunderstruck" as "Thundersticks." And not one person corrected me. You think you have friends, and then they let you do this.

In still other news:
Never go to a White Sox game on a holiday. First off, there were be plenty of other people who will go in our place. Second, it's the holiday crowd. They were jumping up and down, traipsing the aisles during play but when it was between innings - watch out! They all settled in to watch the entertainment on the jumbo screen. (Pepperoni pizza won.) The George Lopez Experience was going on to the left, where a conglomerate of 2-3 families took up seats. The fathers (3?) were focused on securing beer supplies. The kids (uncountable) had to have one of everything every vendor was selling.
Oh, and the Sox lost to the Orioles 8-1.
And some stupid &($&@# shouted on every Oriole home run: "Throw it back!" They clearly need GPS and sobriety.

Way back I had a plan to slick into IIT's Financial Markets graduate program. All I had to do was finish the graduate certificate program and transfer into the grad program. That way I didn't have to take the GRE (again).

But then I went on hiatus. For four years. And IIT has tightened up some loopholes in the meantime. Such as slicking into the graduate program. I have to take the GMAT now. And calculus. And statistics.

And that is the sound of the other shoe dropping.

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SkyWriter said...

Re: Ken Lay. I came to the Enron feeding frenzy late, but brother, I made up for it. In the last six months, I've read up on Messrs Lay and Skilling. I try to never believe the hyperbole (being in the business of hyperbole myself), but the more I read, the more I really started to believe that there are human sociopathic specimens out there who happen to run big companies. Wow. And then he goes and dies on us. In Aspen. No undue comtempt here, and no satisfaction, either.