Monday, July 17, 2006

Firmly planted on the ledge

Baseball fans can fall into roughly one of two camps:
Never say die,
We're so dead!

There are White Sox fans in both camps. And with the White Sox losing the last 5 of 6 to the Red Sox and Yankees, I'm really ready to kill the Never Say Die crowd. Today I opted to follow world news instead of sports radio because it was more upbeat. (Note: Israel started World War III last week, and the news was feverishly following the ultimatums and counter ultimatums.)

The White Sox team batting average is .288. Second only to the Toronto Blue Jays. They are first in the majors with home runs (136).

The Cubs have more stolen bases than the White Sox. (65 v 57)

The White Sox have drawn 301 bases on balls. That's good enough for 15th in the majors. (The Red Sox, who are first, have 400 BB.)

The Really Bad News
The White Sox team ERA is 4.57. The Tigers is 3.54. The Tigers are first, the White Sox are 17th. Keeping it just to the AL, the Sox are 9th (out of 14).
We suck.
Is there any good news here?
The Sox are 2nd in saves. (Thank YOU Bobby Jenks.)

Finally, the fielding stats.
The Red Sox lead the majors at .990. The White Sox are 9th (at .986). They've turned the 3rd fewest double plays (74). The worst, the Washington Nationals, have turned 67.

What I'd really like to do is jam pom poms down the throat of one of those fans who are chastising us for panicking.

Thank God the Sox have an off day.

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