Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mark it, Horatio!

Bush eschews the signing statement in favor of the veto.

It crossed the President's moral boundary (you know the one, drawn in the sand during a wind storm).

The Senate passed it with a substantial majority but not large enough to override a presidential veto. (Senate 63-37 on 7/18/06, House 238 - 194 on 5/24/05.)

I wonder if the NSA has a way to track those stem cells - to make sure they don't wind up in the wrong place - like a Democrat. In other news, three more organizations that have been tapped to help in Bush's War on Everyone Not Like Us:

BOLERO: Bill Of Lading Electronic Registry Organization. A digital database of bills of lading, those things that record shipments of goods.

CHIPS: Clearing House Interbank Payment System. Bank-owned corporation that clears international USD transactions.

FedWire: The Fed's wire transfer service. I bet there is some pretty information to be had here, too.

If the Feds just happen to gather information on citizens (corporate and otherwise) not engaged in terrorist activity (whatever that is), then that's just the cost of doing business.

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JulieD said...

moral boundary, schmoral boundary.

tight writing, tundra. keep it up.