Friday, July 07, 2006

Pope Benedict XVI breaks out the Prada boots

In a classic misread of the situation, Pope Benedict XVI is on a mission to halt 'eclipse of God'.

Is he going to develop some leadership and tackle the illegal wars the United States (and associated allies) launched and continue to fight?
Or leadership on the return of torture as a viable tool for governments? (re: United States)
How about the rapaciousness of corporations that steal, poison the planet, undermine societies and cultures, and promote illegal wars?
Something, anything, on the planet's detoriating climate due to man-made causes?
The steady degradation of most of the planet's population to slave status to serve multi-national corporations (the stripping of civil rights, economic power, access to healthcare)?
Acknowledgement that the Church was wrong, wrong, wrong on its stance regarding pedophile priests? And maybe follow their own preachings of Christian conduct and fix the problem?
Baseball's substance abuse problems?
Ozzie Guillen called someone a fag?

None of the above. To follow Benedict XVI's latest counter-assault, we go to Spain.

The Vatican's on-the-ground intelligence in Spain is reporting that Prime Minister Zapatero's government is launching direct attacks on the Roman Catholic Church. (Italics mine.)

In reality, Zapatero and other critical thinking people are rising up against Rome's oppression.

Madrid has legalized gay marriage. Benedict XIV is scandalized. The only church-sanctioned homosexual relationship is that between priest and minor.

Madrid now allows the adoption of children by gay couples. Rome doesn't even want them to adopt dogs (citing the well-known scientific fact that gay couples turn pets gay).

Spain now allows fast track divorce. The Church prefers the "Waiting For Godot" separation. This is where the couple stays married, but live in two different places. And patiently wait for Rome to tell them when it's okay to get divorced (i.e. never).

Compulsory religious education has been abolished in state schools. I seem to recall the Vatican wasn't too keen on compulsories when Muslims were running the show in Spain.

Spain's economic performance has taken off, while church attendance has plummeted (along with the national birth rate). If the priests moved the Mass along and gave decent homilies - well, that's a pipe dream.
Anyway, sounds like God doesn't like countries with high church attendance. (See "Ireland.")

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