Thursday, August 31, 2006

Dumb gay bastards feeling sorry for other dumb gay bastards

Can it be that Heathers is as searing a political commentary now as it was in 1989? There are times when you are carelessly reading the news and the brain of its own volition starts firing the synapses and making connections.

So I'm strolling through the MSNBC headlines and run into this charmer:
Dems use ignored rule to oust gay candidate

In the interest of disclosure I must mention that it was LOUISIANA Democrats, and any blue-stater worth his LGBT sea salt would protest: but those people are not really Democrats.

Ah, I would reply, except those Dems have a much longer lineage of being Democrats than you do. And if you check your history, the LGBT troop was rather recently admitted to the Dem Umbrella. (And that's because the Dem block marches in lockstep to the ballot.)

Back to the story. Patricia Todd, openly gay woman and candidate for the Louisiana legislature, was disqualified. And for good measure, Gaynell Hendricks was booted too.

The Dem committee chairwoman, Amy Burks, said that the committee would have to select a nominee for the seat. What was unsaid is that they'd select a nominee to run in a heavily Dem district, running unopposed.

Some whippersnapper of an attorney, Bobby Segall, pointed out that if the committee was really going to boot Todd & Hendricks for failing to file a financial disclosure form, then they'd have to kick out Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley (running for Governor) and Jim Folsom, former Governor (and running for Lt. Governor - what kind of crazy merry-go-round do they have going on in Baton Rouge, anyway?).

Thinking quickly, the committee said Lucy and Jim were fine, because their races had already been certified. And that's how the cookie crumbles in Louisiana.

Now how can any self-respecting blue gay person could stand to be a Democrat, when this is how your party treats you. Poor deluded saps, pitying the poor deluded gay Republicans, as if there’s a difference.

And the Heather's tie-in? Well, there are several, but I'll restrict myself to these two:

Veronica Sawyer: No, my life's not perfect. I don't really like my friends.
JD: Yeah. I don't really like your friends either.

Kurt's Dad: My son's a homosexual, and I love him. I love my dead gay son.
JD: Wonder how he'd react if his son had a limp wrist with a pulse.