Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Shift over Pravda. Here comes the NY Post.

When the NY Post mocks Keith Olbermann allegedly getting a suspicious powder in his mail* it brings to mind the Hearst papers ginning us up for the Spanish-American War.

And the same publications mouth the bias of the liberal media – who is that liberal media? Not the NY Times. I can’t seem to avoid the functionally retarded who screech the NYT is a liberal rag when in fact it is an Administration rag. The self-same retards will decry the NYT printing leaks from the NIE – never mind that it should not have been classified in the first place. And that Bush is so whacked-out by this point that he actually though the 4 pages he released would buttress his position. For the love of God, is there some dumbing down agent in the water? (And Red Bull, and alcohol, and pop, and coffee. If you’re going to keep the masses down, you’ll have to cover all your bases.)

Just what is the demographic that reads the NY Post - coincidentally owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also has FOX News in his portfolio? And that Olbermann is ascendant while FOX/O'Reilly passed the cusp and slipping behind Pluto? Don't look now, but FOX's ratings - except for a brief blip during the post-Katrina coverage - has been declining for TWO YEARS. Not so strange that O'Reilly has amped up his relentless hyping of his radio show.

It’s getting to the point that I’m too mad to fall asleep. And interfering with my sleep makes me angrier. Insomnia does not soothe the savage breast.

*Editor & Publisher

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